MICHELIN Pilot Street Radial Rear


The Michelin Pilot Street Radial Rear is a Lightweight Motorcycle tyre offering riders:

  • A radial construction tyre offering excellent handling and long tyre life
  • 100% silica-based tread rubber compound providing superb grip in the wet
  • Smart, sporty tread design based on the Michelin Pilot Road 2
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Product Description

The Michelin Pilot Street Radial brings the radial revolution to small and medium-size bikes!

Radial architecture that enables improved overall response and handling as well as unrivaled performance over the long term, compared with a same-size cross-ply tire. A 100% silica rubber compound that delivers the best wet grip in its category, for a safe, sporty ride.

The Pilot Street Radial tyres are derived directly from Michelin’s radial Sport Touring ranges and features tread borrowed from the Michelin Pilot Road 2, giving the motorcycle an attractive, sporty appearance.

The Pilot Street Radial features a slightly sharper profile to ensure excellent driving precision under normal riding conditions and a steeper shoulder for steering accuracy when camber angle increases.


  • Optimized groove tread pattern
  • Tread pattern designed to minimize uneven wear and maximize mileage while enhancing wet weather performance
  • Variable groove width along the tread pattern
  • High silica content for increased wet grip without sacrificing tire life
  • Precision handling with high level of rider feedback
  • Superior longevity compared to a primary bias-ply competitor

Additional Information

Size: Rear Tyre

130/ 70-17, 140/ 70-17