MICHELIN Pilot Power 3 Front


Michelin Pilot Power 3 front tyre – The Michelin Power 3 Tires are a new HyperSport, Sportbike tire that will work well on the street as well as for track day riders in the novice and intermediate levels delivering uncompromised enjoyment, grip, maneuverability, and excellent braking on wet surfaces.

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Product Description

Improved longevity

Featuring SBR technology (styrene-butadiene rubber), the MICHELIN Pilot Power 3 ensures maximum grip on damp surfaces, all the while providing 20% more longevity than the MICHELIN Pilot Power 2CT.

Braking on wet surfaces

Tested on wet asphalt, the MICHELIN Pilot Power 3 demonstrates excellent aptitude when it comes to wet surface grip, thus providing for excellent braking

Grip and maneuverability

Maximum contact for a flawless dry grip and excellent responsiveness: that’s the commitment of the MICHELIN Pilot Power 3, thanks to its optimized profile and rubber made especially for sport bikes and roadsters.

Additional Information

Size: Front Tyre

120/ 60-17, 120/ 70-17